Cedarhome Springers

AKC English Springer Spaniels

The "All About Us" Page

Cedarhome Springers is located on  five acres in the small community of Arlington, Washington, USA.  We can be found:   about an hour North of Seattle - near the Pacific coast - and about an hour and ahalf or so South of Canada.  We are a dedicated family that responsibly breeds quality English Springer Spaniels.

The love of springers has been handed down to me.  My grandparents had springers in the 1940's, and my father (an avid hunter and sportsman) had two great springer brothers "Buddy and Chipper" in the 50's.  They were the epitome of the great all-around dog.  Terrific with children (there were five of us) and as outstanding on the field as in the water.  There are many fond memories of life with them. 

At their passing, my dad  hunted with several other breeds; GSH pointers as well as black labs, chesapeaks, and Irish setters.    I was constantly involved with the dogs and felt blessed when encouraged to help and learn.  

As  a young adult in the mid 70's I followed my heart and  chose my first springer, J.J.  Sensitive, patient, supportive - with the bonus of being  a truly outstanding hunter - she was my  dream come true. 

It took a while for my life circumstances to catch up with my desires to breed springers.  I started breeding "field" style springers in the early 90's.  My first "momma", Molly retired and went to live on the beach with my Mom and Dad.  She switched her career of being a great mom, to being a hearing assistance dog and constant companion for my folks for the next 8 years. 

We all miss her still. 

With her retirement, I switched to bench "style" and now have dogs with champion lines. It has always been my goal to stay small and "do -it -right".  

All in my care get the best of everything - especially me.