Cedarhome Springers

AKC English Springer Spaniels


NuVet Labs™

After hearing about this supplement from other

breeders, I decided to try it for myself.  I was

very pleased with the results (keeping in mind

that good health is only semi-visible). I figured that

 if I could see a difference, it must be doing a

good job for total health - not to mention preventative

 measures. Check out the website, and product information. 

 I'm strongly recommending this for all my puppies. 

They are started on it before they go home..


Dog Food

I've been a die-hard Nutro's fan for many years -

but have gone on the "Holistic food" search this last year.

After trying many (and I mean many) different types,

I currently am feeding Fromm Duck a'la Veg ( although any

of their formulas work well.  I can change the flavors within

that brand without having to do it gradually, which is a first.

For us, it is working very well, with the huge benefit

of being appropriate for not only our adults - but our seniors

 and our puppies.

It also has been the most consitant in quality and formula bag to bag.

That food, with the addition of fish oil capsules and NuVet Plus

(and NuJoint too for  Toby)  has everyone in top-notch shape.