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Pictures of our "Past Puppies"

I've always thought that being able to see entire springer puppy litters, and previous litters was helpful in deciding which breeder to form a relationship with.  Many things can be discovered - few tracks can be covered.
I hope you get as much enjoyment from the pictures as I had in compiling them.

Cheek to Cheek

The Stair Escapade

Bently on Point


Ella @ 5 weeks

Thanks Dale for the update! Ella @ 5 months

Two of Cinder's girls

Sleeping in the dish - with his bunny

To be continued...

I have many more great pictures of my Springers and my puppies - past and present.  I've added more picture pages. Just click on the green links.

Our "08 litter

More puppy Pictures

And still more...

 I hope this gives an idea of our puppies and can inspire a love of Springers for you, as we obviously do.

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