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The Puppy Contract - AKC

Here's an article  sent out (3-07) by the AKC to bring to the forelight the importance of the puppy contract and it's elements.  I'm sure you'll find it enlightening, and possibly helpful in explaining the why's of all the verbage.

RE: The Puppy Contract

Then, after reviewing our info, if you need clarification on anything, please let me know.

Contract/ Bill of Sale

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Separation Anxiety or Boredom?

Here is a great article from the website "Dogster".  If you haven't yet - check it out.

A fun place for Dog lovers - with good info and forums...

Separation Anxiety...

Notices from the AKC -

Another great page from the AKC - on being prepared for an emergency (for us humans, as well as our "kids"



Check out the article from AKC, March '09 on

"Puppy Socialization"



Here's another very important paper for all dog owners

to view and heed.  This is too important for all of

us to ignore!