Cedarhome Springers

AKC English Springer Spaniels

We finally have a litter of puppies!
We (My daughter Teresa and I) imported
a delightful tri colored bitch puppy from
Poland three years ago.  She is a very well balanced,
happy beautiful Springer (with a long tail).
Her pedigree is full of European Champions.
We bred her to my friends Teri Rutter
and Kelsey Mitchell's boy Aria's Chance of a Lifetime
- "Chancellor".  Who is a Champion in his own right
- and working on his Grand Championship.

This litter is amazing.  Thank you to my puppy people who have
waited for a litter from me.  It is nice to see the familiar faces.

so.......here are some pictures....7 puppies - 5 males, 2 females
3 liver and white boys, 2 b/w boys, and both girls are b/w.
This is Pete at 8 weeks.  He's going to live with Les, Sally and Henry in California.

Potter.  He's always a little bit hot - so likes to sleep in the food dish, 'cause it's cooler - and
nobody piles on top of you.....  (he's still available)
Thank you Paula for coming to play with the litter!!

More of the litter......

Clover.  A very adventurous little girl.

Landsharks at 8 weeks

The Parents....

I'll try to down load more photos, and pictures of the parents
as I'm sure you'd like to see them too.

Try is the operative word here......
Hey it worked this time!  This is Adie - our Polish girl
Yes, she has a long tail!

And Chancellor (he's working on  his grand championship now)
Here he is with Kelsey - his "momma"
And another view of him with Ellen, his current handler.

Clover is the only puppy still available.